Implementing & Sustaining Government Lean Initiatives to Increase Capacity and Service, while Reducing Costs

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Recent QPIC, LLC LEAN Government Center Reviews

 QPIC, LLC LEAN Government Center is the premier resource center for LEAN Government and a globally based consulting organization that focuses on LEAN, Six Sigma, Change Management (ACE), Business Metrics (MWM – Measure What Matters), Supply Chain Management, and Executive Coaching. Our client base has spanned LEAN Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and non-profit organizations for over 25 years. We are one of the foremost groups consulting on LEAN Government. Our approach is unique in that we start with the top management team and ensure the necessary cultural changes are instituted for LEAN Government to be successful and sustainable.

LEAN Government focuses on what are the key processes in all departments/agencies, what services are they delivering, and how much of what is being done is value-added (what the taxpayer truly needs and is willing to pay for) vs. non-value added. It’s not unusual to find improvement opportunities on the order of magnitude of 50%+ when LEAN Government is applied to Municipal, State and Federal processes/spending. QPIC, LLC has been working many years with State and Municipal Governments to focus on projects that reduce wastes and save money to close budget gaps.

We focus on delivering sustainable results. We do this by educating people about LEAN Government concepts so they understand the benefits to themselves and their organization. This understanding helps them take ownership of the transformation. When there is ownership of the LEAN Government transformation, the entire organization can improve by driving performance towards an ideal state and increase employee acceptance of change.

LEAN has evolved over the years, mainly fostered by the work of Toyota and the Toyota Production System (TPS). With the advent of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the opportunity and demand for LEAN Government to help close budget gaps has exploded.

The Case for LEAN Government:

  • LEAN Government Increases internal capacity to do more, without adding people.
  • LEAN Government Reduces the costs of Government services (via attrition).
  • LEAN Government Increases customer (taxpayers, etc.) satisfaction.
  • LEAN Government Substantially shrinks the time to get things done.
  • LEAN Government Provides a means to fundamentally rethink what is done and how it is done.
  • LEAN Government Applies a more enhanced systems thinking approach.
  • LEAN Government Can be implemented and sustained with smaller cost than alternative approaches.
  • LEAN Government Easily yields returns-on-investment (ROI) of 20X+.
  • LEAN Government Doesn’t depend on costly IT solutions.

It is clear that continuing the old paradigm of only cutting positions and across-the-board spending reductions will not be successful. Too many previous short sighted strategies have now created dire financial consequences for most Government sectors that must be addressed with a high sense of urgency. LEAN Government is a major means to address the financial crisis and close budget gaps.

Washington State Lean Government Transformation Conference, October, 2013:
"Picking that front row seat the morning of your presentation last week in Tacoma, WA was fate. I'm very proud to boast to the my other team members who were present that I had the opportunity to meet you candidly. Along with that I'm very happy you and I had a moment to shoot off a few "light-hearted" jokes. Your demeanor and presentation gives off a very natural state of selflessness, minus the practical knowledge, a crucial key in consulting. It was very professional and had a genuine disposition. Thank you for having some personality, other presentations I attend were too "LEAN," if you know what I mean "
From a Commissioner of a State Agency:2012
"You really are a private businessman that has put forth more effort to make government work better instead of bashing it all.. Even though you have made a little money on all you do I can see it is a passion and you actually have "put you money where your mouth is". I believe we are building a sustainable system of Lean. We will show them how valuable you and your methods are. Thank you for all the counseling and help you have given us - so far!"
From a State Lean Office:
"Thanks too for the work you do in this field. These are tough times everywhere, but for government especially. Your mission to bring crucial ideas and tools to the public sector is more important than ever."